Oddcast.comOddcast.com was redesigned in December of 2009. The old site was entirely scrapped. The new design was coded entirely by myself using smarty templates.

Content is updated by a marketing manager, with only basic knowledge of html, directly manipulating tpl files. Successful separation of presentation from content and clean, simple, semantic html makes this very easy. Smarty templates are also used to break up the content into manageable and easily understood chunks.


Trek Yourself

Trek Yourself screenshot

demo available upon request

As with all Oddcast applications I wrote the html for this page which in this case consists of the embed code and the footer. Unlike all of our other apps, I was involved with the design on this one. This was Oddcast’s first widget format app. Management was aware of my interest in UX, so they asked me to help with the design of this project. They were having trouble figuring out how to deal with the space constraints. I spent the next week working with our lead designer and the client manager for this project brainstorming and drawing out wireframes to be fleshed out by the designer.

Some of my design contributions include rearranging the steps to follow a more logical order, iconography with rollout text, the usage of defaults so that the user can proceed simply by hitting next, and the consistent placement of the next button on every step. Thanks to the low friction design this application had higher than average engagement and more viral sharing, even when compared to other high profile movie tie-in applications. Some of the design changes I introduced with this application are now standard design for Oddcast.

Application expired but can be demoed on request

American Greetings, Talking E-cards

American Greetings, Talking E-card exampleOddcast has taken over all new talking e-cards for American Greetings and affiliated sites. This requires deeper integration than our typical application. I was asked to create an API that the AG developers could use to embed and interact with our application. I authored a javascript API that has worked very successfully for AG.

The API contains a single global object with several defined public methods. These methods allow the embedding of the application and an interface with the flash object that can initiate actions and add event handlers. There is also application data shared between these methods that is kept private through the use of self-invocation and closure. This was a new concept for Oddcast at the time and is something I hope to introduce into the rest of their properties.



I handle emails for our applications as well as marketing emails.

Application emails are typically very image heavy. I slice psds provided by the client and export as html from photoshop. Starting with this base table layout I make modifications to insure that the email appears correctly in all modern email clients and create spaces for dynamic text. Supported email clients include gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, several isp webmail systems, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Thunderbird.

sample: http://themikelee.com/otherGuys_email.html
application: http://photobucket.com/theotherguys/

May 2010 Sitepal NewsletterMarketing emails are typically more text based. I create reusable templates for our newsletters by hand. These templates need to be flexible enough to accommodate different types of content of varying length, yet also support as many email clients as possible.


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